This is what we do.

This website is a review and comparison of monitors and cameras. It gives you the opportunity to get an overview of current offers, read reviews from users and experts, as well as compare several articles side by side. By clicking on the different buttons you will get to know more about this topic. You can find reviews and comparisons of monitors and cameras, lists with new reviews, tips before buying, ranking of the best-selling article, and other important information.

Who we are

This website is a team of experts in the field of photo and video. We have worked together for many years, have published numerous comparisons and reviews, as well as tested several products from different brands. On the basis of our experience, we know which products are recommended and why.

What we do

On this website, you can find all the current offers on monitors and cameras at a glance. Here you will not only find articles from well-known brands but also less known manufacturers. You can compare different products directly with each other or read more detailed reviews of experts and users before deciding to buy. We also try to incorporate as many different opinions and experiences as possible, so you can decide which product is best for you.

Our mission

We want to give the consumer more power and control by providing transparent, independent, and quality information. We want to make it easier for you to choose the right products.

Who is this for?

This website is interesting for anyone who wants to buy a monitor or camera. Whether you are looking for the newest offers, want to compare several articles side by side, or are just interested in reading reviews from experts and users: on this website, you will find what you need.

Why we started this website

We have found out that there is a strong need for good, reliable, and independent information about the photo and or video products like cameras and monitors. You see many advertisements on TV and websites, but it's often hard to tell if they are true. We want to give you the opportunity to read objective and true information about these products!

What we test

We mainly focus on monitors and cameras. However, we also test other products like bags, lenses, and drones. We take a look at the manufacturers' claims and put the product to the test in real-life situations (for example: in different light conditions). Is it really as good as they say? How does it work compared to other articles from a similar price range? Which is the best in a specific category? Our reviews give you the answer to all these questions!

What makes us unique

On most other review sites you will see mainly subjective opinions of a few experts. To read their reviews, you often need to pay for them. They only tell you about the good points and don't mention the bad ones! We have a different approach. Of course, our reviews shouldn't just list the bad points. We give you all the needed information to help you in your decision-making process: pros and cons, test results, expert opinions, and a comparison of several articles side by side.